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Ride your Bike to Work Week

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Flipping our calendars forward from April to May symbolizes that the most enjoyable weather of the year is upon us. So, it is especially fortunate that May is National Bike Month! To honor this healthy, fun and environmentally friendly alternate form of transportation, mark your calendar for the week of May 16-20th so that you can participate in National Bike to Work Week with your coworkers! You are encouraged to log your daily rides on www.columbuscommuterchallenge.org.

The week will conclude on May 20th with Bike to Work with the Mayor Day and CRH Bike to Work Day with Jim Bickel. The Mayor will ride from the St. Bartholomew location, but other community leaders will ride from various locations described below. Please meet at your location by 7:10am so that our community leaders can depart at 7:15am.

  • Westside (meet on the People Trail at SR46W and Goeller Blvd.) – to downtown or CRH

  • Jim Bickel will be joined by CRH employees and will ride from this location to Columbus Regional Health where a light breakfast will be provided to employees and community members.

  • Others riding from this location will stop for breakfast downtown at the Cummins Irwin Conference Center.

  • Blackwell Park/Parkside Area (meet in the parking lot west of the soccer fields) – riding to downtown

  • North Christian Church (meet on the entrance drive off Tipton Lane) – Mayor’s Ride to downtown

  • Donner Park (meet at the Shelter house) – this group will go to Columbus Regional Health

  • The Haw Creek Trail (meet at the intersection of 30th St. and Griffa) – riding to downtown

  • Eastside Community Center – riding to downtown.

A light breakfast will be provided by CAMPO and the City of Columbus to bicyclists from 7:30-8:30am at the Cummins Irwin Conference Center Plaza on 5th Street. For those participants who don’t work downtown and/or employees of Columbus Regional Health, a light breakfast will be provided at Columbus Regional Hospital on the patio outside of the cafeteria.

We are excited to see community members riding their bicycles to work this week!

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