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Why we walk: Thrive Alliance, On The Move!

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

It can be challenging to find time out of our busy work days to appreciate how wonderful the weather is at this time of year. Instead of trying to find time, employees at Thrive Alliance have found a way to incorporate going outside into part of their work day.

The employees at Thrive Alliance have discovered that it is not distracting for them to be on the move while participating in work meetings. Office Manager, Donita Brady vouches for everyone in the office that it is easier to look forward to a meeting if is has been planned outside compared to the traditional sit-down meetings that most of us are familiar with.

When jokingly asked about what she does to compensate during the winter months, Donita said, “We do have a treadmill and an elliptical machine in the back, kind of out of the way. So if we can’t walk we may go back and utilize those.”

The obstacles that are faced when planning walking meetings outside are not entirely different than the obstacles faced when organizing a traditional sit-down meeting.

“About the only obstacle is to try and get everybody together at the same time, because people will get phone calls or they’ll have somebody stop in that they need to talk to, and it’ll make it difficult for them to join us at an exact time. But, besides that, the obstacles are few.”

Sound familiar?

Perhaps meeting with your own co-workers outside is an option for more members of the community!

Front row left to right: Mark Lindenlaub, Director; Lisa Harris; Elizabeth Eder; Rebecca Reeck; Mark Johnson; Donita Brady; David Clay

Back row left to right: Rick Gardner; Teresa Lorenz; Angie Hartley; Abigail Garcia; Lori Bland

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