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Columbus BMX

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

All ages. All skill levels. Nobody sits the bench.

Many of us in Bartholomew County are unaware of this hidden treasure located right here in Columbus- it’s the BMX track located next to Dunn Stadium, north of the 4-H Fairgrounds. BMX is an acronym for bicycle motocross: an Olympic event since the 2008 games.

Chris Clapp, president of the nonprofit Columbus BMX (CBMX) track, spends lots of time at the local track along with his wife, son, and daughter. They want other people in Columbus to learn that we have this amazing resource available in town. Many riders travel regularly from Indianapolis, Carmel, Cincinnati and Dayton for a chance to race at the Columbus track! However, not as many locals are making use of it as they would hope. It is not uncommon to run into BMX Olympic hopefuls who are in training at the CBMX track.

The Clapp family will be the first to say that BMX racing is a family-oriented sport.

“A lot of the dads, they were past BMXers. There’s a class for everybody to race in. There’s stuff for the girls. We have 2 year olds that race, and it’s so awesome. It’s so cool. They do their little Flintstone thing- they don’t have pedals on their bikes, but they’re kicking."

“There have been some classes where we had Mom, Dad, daughter, and son, all in the same race, up at the gate at the same time. And Mom was like, ‘No mercy!’ And Mom went and beat them all!”

-Chris Clapp

In the stands, parents cheer enthusiastically for their kids. However, it’s all clean fun. Politics and drama are nowhere to be found at the CBMX track. The riders engage in friendly competition, but they are able to remain buddies off the track.

Want to get involved?

Visit www.columbusbmx.com for more information about this hidden treasure located right here in Columbus. Local Columbus bike shops sell BMX bikes that will help get you started, but if you just want to give it a try for free, you can do that too! At CBMX, anyone can borrow a helmet and a bike the first time they come to the track. A full membership with USA BMX earns you access into any one of the 255 BMX tracks located in the United States or Canada ($60).

This is a sport that generally meets on Tuesday and Saturday nights, but one of the appealing things about this sport is that you can be as involved as you decide to be! You can travel, do, and spend as much as you see fit. No matter what, nobody sits the bench. This is a welcoming environment for new participants and spectators alike. Upon arrival, you can expect the whole Clapp family to welcome you when you arrive (in their bright orange t-shirts!) in addition to other parents on the sidelines who are more than happy to share information with you until you get the hang of the routine.

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