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Columbus Kids' Bike Rodeo

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

What is a bike rodeo?

A bike rodeo is a fun, engaging way to introduce kids to bicycle safety skills. They learn the importance of seeing, being seen, and remaining in control of their bicycles at all times. To accomplish this, the kids participate in bicycle handling drills and games.

The data proves that these are important skills for our kids to have. The three big causes of car/bike crashes for kids are…

• Riding out of a driveway without stopping

• Failing to stop for stop signs

• Suddenly swerving without looking back

Many crashes occur simply because bike riders lose control of their bikes and fall to the ground. Kids cannot be expected to automatically have the skills that adults have to prevent accidents. A little extra practice is needed to catch them up. For example, a child's field of vision is about 1/3 less than that of an adult. They cannot easily judge an oncoming vehicle’s speed, and they can’t immediately tell where a sound that they can hear is coming from.

So what do we do? We have a bike camp or a bike rodeo, of course!

Two especially important pieces of the bike rodeo are helmet checks, to ensure a proper fit, as well as hand signaling instructions. For the rodeo itself, kids will be put different hypothetical scenarios (set up by volunteers with chalk, cones, etc.) to allow them to practice safety protocols. While the kids navigate their way through safetyville, we will look for certain habits:

• Do they stop at the end of the driveway where they can see, and be seen by traffic?

• Do they look left, right, and left?

• Prepare for a power takeoff?

• If there was traffic the first time, do they look left, right, left again?

• Did they end up on the right-hand side of the roadway?

Consider signing your child up for Bike Camp, organized the the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department. Also, be on the lookout for more information as the 2016 Bike Rodeo planning is underway!

If you are interested in planning a bike rodeo, use this Bike Rodeo Toolkit to help with the set up!

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