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Will's Community Service Project

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Will Brunner completed an impressive service project that ended up benefiting the local Columbus Bicycle Co-op. Northside Middle School asked him to complete 10 hours of community service and prepare a presentation detailing his experience to community members at the Commons. He did just that! With the help of Rebekah Walsh at the Columbus Regional Hospital Foundation, Will was eventually introduced to Marissa Pherson, a greeter at the co-op who could advise Will on how to get involved.

Will explained that his interest in choosing the Co-op came from a previous experience volunteering there with Boy Scouts.

“I did many different things, including reorganizing the shop, cleaning up bikes, replacing bike parts, etc.” Will Brunner

Following his presentation downtown at the Commons, Will realized that he thought “it was actually a pretty neat experience to be able to present to adults about something new.”

Among Boy Scouts, Will is involved in many different organizations around Columbus. He enjoys Taekwondo, Destination Imagination, and video games, of course!

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