• Cheryl Wright

HAWK Signal: What you need to know

Have you noticed the construction at 5th & Lindsey Streets? Columbus is getting its very first HAWK Signal (High-Intensity Activated crossWalK)! This is an important improvement to our infrastructure, as it will connect the People Trail to downtown and allow pedestrians to cross safely into Mill Race Park.

The HAWK Signal (which stands for High-Intensity Activated crossWalK) is a traffic control device that is used to stop traffic to allow pedestrians to cross safely. It will be accompanied by high visibility crosswalk (ladder-style) markings on the road. The signal is illuminated when a pedestrian presses the button. When the button is pressed, after a set amount of time, a flashing yellow light will inform drivers to prepare to stop. During the 'walk phase', the signal will display a dual solid red light for drivers and a walk signal for pedestrians. When the walk phase is complete, the signal will change to a flashing red light and pedestrians will see a hand signal and countdown informing them of the time remaining to cross.

At first, the signals will be rather confusing, so please watch this video about a HAWK Signal in another city to find out how they work and what you should do as a driver or pedestrian at the intersection!

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