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Bicycle Valet Parking

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Downtown Columbus. Saturday mornings. Fresh produce. Handmade goods.

The impressive variety of goods sold by all sorts of vendors is what draws most people to visit the Farmers’ Market. The Farmers’ Market provides people with something unique to do on the weekend. People can either buy a fresh, tasty lunch or they can purchase fresh produce for their own cooking needs.

The best part? You can ride your bike and get first class service! The Columbus Bicycle Co-op recognized a large population of people who would like to ride their bikes to the market as well not fight for parking at peak hours. The co-op has generously been offering its valet service to any bike rider that would like to leave their bike in a secure location while they go shopping.

Essentially, people can ride their bikes right up, we give them a number, and we attach that same number to their bike. When they come back, we match up the two numbers and give them their bike back. It’s free, but we do accept donations. Really it’s a way for people to come here and not worry about their bikes getting stolen. They don’t have to bring locks because we’re here watching them the whole time. We usually have up to 50 to 60 bikes each Saturday. You have serious cyclists who come and bring their bikes, then you have cruisers, bicycle commuters, or people who just want to ride their bikes for fun. It’s pretty steady throughout the whole day. -Jayme Zobrist

Upon return, shoppers can expect to find their bicycles waiting for them in better condition than they were upon arrival to the Farmers’ Market. This is because a bike stand and tools are present each week with the intention of performing basic improvements on peoples’ bikes.

We offer basic repair service. So, if someone has anything from a flat, up to minor adjustments, we’ve got the tools and a mechanic to accomplish fixing that up for them, almost always while the person is out shopping. Really really cool service. It is free. Donations are happily accepted if you would like. -Joe Morley

You can find the valet service at the southeast corner of the Columbus Farmers’ Market, which, as a whole, is located on Brown Street between 5th and 8th street in downtown Columbus.

Volunteer at the Co-op! Link is here.

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