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The AMAZING Amazing Race!

The Columbus Amazing Race, organized by CYP (Columbus Young Professionals), that recently took place in June was, well, amazing! Teams of two arrived at Central Middle School on June, 25th to test themselves and compete for fantastic prizes in a local competition inspired by the hit CBS reality show: the Amazing Race.

The prizes awarded to the winning teams were incredibly generous. Thanks to the work of the planning committee as well as local businesses, both members of the top three teams walked away with top-notch prizes that were awarded that day at the Barbecue Blues and Brews Festival.

First place - FitBit Alta, ColumBike gift certificates good towards an annual pass, $50 gift cards to the Fitted Foot, and tickets to the Columbus Craft Beerfest.

Second place - $100 Sky Sport Fitness Gift Cards, $25 Gift Cards to The Garage, $25 gift certificates to 4th Street Bar and Grill

Third place - $50 gift cards to The Fitted Foot, $25 gift certificates to Powerhouse Brewing Company (Columbus Bar)

The favorite challenges of the day seemed to be the egg drop in the morning as well as the FFY pool challenge in the afternoon. In the morning, teams were asked to place an egg inside of a middle school science class-style safety container that they had to construct out of provided supplies such as construction paper, tape, and cotton balls. They were allowed to move on after successfully dropping their creation from the top of a downtown parking garage without breaking their egg. At Foundation For Youth, teams were able to jump in the pool for one of the last challenges of the day. Using only pool noodles, they had to push a beach ball across the pool and into a hula hoop ring on the other side. The race was full of unique challenges like both of these.

The race was physically demanding, but CYP smartly incorporated opportunities for good strategy to make a difference each team’s finishing time as well. For example, each team was able to decide the order in which they completed their challenges, and their order of completion played a significant role in how much time it took each team to finish.

The credit for this fun community event goes to the Columbus Young Professionals (CYP): a community organization whose goal is to help young professionals navigate work, life, and community in Columbus. In addition to hosting many professional development opportunities for its members, CYP also strives to connect young professionals in the community together through fun events. The Amazing Race was the largest CYP fundraiser of the year.

The planning process for this June event began in January. However, Ashleigh Fischer and Jordan Winkler, the two main event organizers, worked much further in advance to secure challenge sites.

“We had about 35 people volunteer for the Amazing Race this year, and they were all top-notch. We had a great response from the CYP membership who wanted to get involved with the event and get to know some interns and future young professionals. It was encouraging to see the volunteers having as much fun as the participants!" Kyle Hendricks, 2016-2017 CYP President

Does this sound like an event that you or someone you know might be interested in? Keep your eyes open for next year’s Amazing Race! It was such a fun community event that allowed students, interns, and young professionals to meet each other and learn about Columbus. The prizes were fantastic. It was an Amazing day to remember!

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