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Kids' Bicycle Rodeo

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Healthy Communities teamed up with Foundation For Youth (FFY) and the Bicycle Co-op to host a Bicycle Rodeo on Tuesday, July 26th from 2:30 to 4:30pm. The purpose of a Bike Rodeo (see post about bike rodeos) is for the kids who come to learn and practice important bike handling skills. Kids cannot be expected to know/execute the same safety measures that adults practice, such as judging an approaching car's speed, hearing a car and knowing its location, etc.

The Rodeo featured six stations for the kids to visit as well as a helmet fitting station. For the most part, they used bicycles provided to us for the day thanks to the BCSC Safe Routes to School Task Force. The Bicycle Co-op took on the roll of keeping track of the bikes all day, making sure they were still in great shape after each use, and even providing free tune-ups to kids who brought their personal bicycles to the rodeo.

The first station they visited asked them to ride in a straight line as slowly as possible; the winner came in last place! Riding a bicycle at slow speeds can be trickier than riding as quickly as possible! The second station was a steering game. The kids were challenged to slalom their way through cones, without missing any, by the time they finished. Two more stations were set up inside. One required that the participants dodge sponges to practice the same techniques that can help them avoid rocks in real streets. Outside there were two more stations. A Columbus Police Officer kindly assisted in teaching the kids proper hand signals to use on their bikes to alert cars what they are going to do next. Nearby, the kids were practicing riding their bikes along a Figure 8 pattern.

The Bike Rodeo was originally advertised to be held outside, but we made the decision to move into the gyms due to the poor weather. FFY was very accommodating to our last minute change of plans! Approximately 50 kids participated and all seemed to have a good time. It was a blast hearing what stations were preferred by different riders and having the opportunity to send them home with some cool prizes!

Stay tuned for future Bike Rodeos!

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