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Architectural Bike Tours in Columbus

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

There is simply no denying the impressive architecture that downtown Columbus offers to both residents and visitors. It appears something special is nestled in every alleyway and on each corner. With a long list of sites to visit, it can be helpful to follow a suggested route mapped out ahead of time.

View a link detailing all of the downtown architectural bike rides here!

The 2-Mile Downtown Architecture Loop

Eos statue by Dessa Kirk

This quick loop will take you through Mill Race Park as well as downtown Columbus. Starting from the Visitors’ Center, you will have the chance to view ten beautiful buildings and sculptures in town. This is a great route to choose if you want to see many attractions over a shorter distance. Because this ride starts from the Visitors' Center, you can investigate checking out a Columbus Bike Share bike from the Visitors’ Center for the day!

The Historic Architecture Bicycle Ride

Also starting from the Visitors’ Center, this route will take you six miles through downtown Columbus as well as Donner, Noblitt, and Mill Race Parks. You will experience an even mix of time spent pedaling along the Flatrock and White Rivers as well as through the city streets. Don’t have a bike suitable for this ride? Don't forget that you can rent a Columbike from the Visitors' Center before you begin the route!

The North Christian Five-Mile Loop

Schmitt Elementary School

Start from the Visitors’ Center and take the chance to look at some of the more heavily used buildings in Columbus. This route will take you to see two schools, a library, and a church, among other attractions, that people flood in and out of every day. This route will also take you through Donner, Noblitt, and Mill Race Parks. Choosing to walk or bike this route would definitely be a day well-spent.

The Big Loop

From the Visitors’ Center, be prepared for a 15 mile tour of the best sights Columbus has to show you. If you have the time to invest in this route, it is strongly recommended. You will see the sculptures and famous buildings from the routes explained above in addition to even more wonderful gems Columbus has to show you. This route is made possible thanks to the Columbus People Trails, which make walking or biking both safe and enjoyable for people.

The 3-Mile Downtown Architecture Loop

Similar to the 2-Mile Downtown Architecture Loop, this route takes you from the Visitors’ Center through the populated streets in downtown Columbus as well as through Mill Race Park. However, you will see more buildings and sculptures on this route by spending an extra mile walking or biking through town. This route has proven to be a local favorite.

3-Mile Downtown Architecture Loop

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