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Walking My Way Through Exhibit Columbus

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

by: Liz Hagan

The opening of Exhibit Columbus on August 26 gave me the opportunity to walk around downtown and enjoy several architectural creations. There were eighteen different structures placed throughout downtown Columbus, most of which I was able to see in one day.

I enjoy both architecture and photography, so my goal for the day was to take as many pictures of the exhibits as possible. I didn’t want to go alone, so on the opening Saturday, I drove downtown with a friend and parked along Washington Street. We had planned to see all of the exhibits, but we were unsure of where everything was located.

We parked near the high school exhibit called Between the Threads, which is a long, colorful maze. From there, we started walking around, not really sure of where we were going or what we were going to see next.

After wandering around downtown on our own, we eventually discovered a large map pinpointing each exhibit. The map showed the exact location of each exhibit as well as provided both the name and architect. Now that we knew where everything was located, we were able to find all of the exhibits more quickly.

We walked through the college exhibits by Central Middle School and then made our way to the exhibits near the public library and First Christian Church. The exhibit in front of the library, called Conversation Plinth, was my favorite of all the exhibits because of its complicated, wooden design. I also enjoyed Wiikiaami next to First Christian because the pattern of materials created an interesting design on the interior.

My friend and I ended up spending around two hours downtown, walking from exhibit to exhibit and taking pictures together. It was truly a fun way to get out of the house and get some exercise in the process.

I enjoyed visiting all of the exhibits so much that I told my family we should go downtown together that same evening. This time, I was able to see two of the exhibits that I had missed earlier. Going back also gave me another chance to take some pictures that I wasn’t able to take the first time around.

I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to go downtown like I did, walk around to look at all of the exhibits, and get some exercise in the process.

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