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The Street Art Illustrations by David Zinn

During this past summer, David Zinn visited Columbus to create eight semi-permanent chalk drawings of his own imagined creatures. These unique characters can be found in various locations throughout the downtown area.

I first found out about these drawings when visiting the Mill Race Center. They gave me a map showing the approximate location of each drawing so that I could participate in the scavenger hunt that has been created. These scavenger hunt maps can also be found at the Visitor’s Center by the library.

After learning about David Zinn and his drawings, I became intrigued by the idea of the scavenger hunt. I decided to interview Zinn and write an article for my school newspaper, informing people about this new activity, one that is both free and available to everyone.

While I was waiting for his response, I went downtown and completed the scavenger hunt, taking pictures of each creature I found. I already knew the location of a few of the drawings, so I found those again rather quickly. I will admit however, I could not find all of the drawings on my own, so I phoned a friend, and she helped me find it.

I spent around an hour downtown, searching for all of the drawings. It was interesting to see how Zinn used the objects around him to make each drawing its own. Each creature was uniquely embedded into the area in which it was drawn.

In my interview with Zinn, he said: “Each drawing was improvised on site, so they were inspired by what was already there on the street.”

My experience with the scavenger hunt was fantastic because I was able to walk around downtown and see all of Zinn’s creative drawings. In my opinion, it would be a great weekend activity to do with family or friends. Plus, you can get some exercise while you are having fun.

If you are looking to complete the scavenger hunt, click here for the Visit Columbus website or stop by the Mill Race Center or the Visitor’s Center and pick up a map. The map will show you the approximate location of each drawing. My suggestion is to find the location first and then do some investigating to find the actual drawing.

I wish the best of luck to those who wish to complete the scavenger hunt!

Sponsors for David’s visit include: Mill Race Center, Columbus Area Visitors Center, Pitman Institute for Aging Well, Office of Community and Rural Affairs, and NTN Driveshaft, Inc.

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