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Get motivated with the Wellness Challenge Toolkit

If your New Year's resolution was to promote wellness or start leading a more healthy lifestyle, then Healthy Communities' Wellness Challenge Toolkit could be a great resource. This challenge will help you develop and maintain healthy habits and overall well-being. The emphasis on purpose, nutrition, activity and mindfulness will engage you and inspire you to become happier, healthier and more energetic.

The Wellness Challenge Toolkit was developed in 2016/2017 and debuted with a pilot program for Columbus Regional Health (CRH) employees in February 2017. 162 CRH employees completed the pilot Wellness Challenge during the month of February. Over half of the participants completed the survey submitting good data, which allowed the toolkit to be tweaked to make it more effective for future challenges.

The challenge was launched to the wider community in April 2017. 100 community members completed the Community Wellness Challenge. Here is some of the great feedback that was received about the challenge:

“It came at a great time, as my doctor prescribed weight loss and healthier lifestyle at my check-up a few weeks ago. Love the additional encouragement and community support!”

“THANK YOU, HEALTHY COMMUNITIES, FOR HAVING THIS WELLNESS CHALLENGE!!!! :) My husband and I were just talking last night about how wonderful it was to focus on ALL aspects of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, through this WELLNESS CHALLENGE!!!”

Some local organizations took the challenge as an opportunity for a lighthearted competition. The Visitor's Center and The Heritage Fund posted pictures of their progress on Facebook and challenged each other to complete wellness activities.

If you've started the Wellness Challenge, please let us know how it's going! We'd love to hear about all the different ways you been inspired to get well or feel healthier in 2018. Contact us if you need any tips or support in rolling this out in your workplace, church group or family/friends!

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