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Haw Creek bridge now open

The Newbern Bridge pedestrian crossing over Haw Creek near 25th Street, an important connection for our People Trail network, is now open! While new to its current location, the bridge is not new itself but the newly refurbished Newbern Bridge, a 107-year old structure which was removed from its original location over Clifty Creek at North Newbern Road in 2015. It was completely disassembled and reconstructed, painted red and placed over Haw Creek a short distance south of 25th Street. The bridge now serves as a part of the new section of trail that allows users to go under the busy 25th Street near the Hamilton Center rather than having to go up to the sidewalk and cross at a traffic light. This provides a much safer and quicker way to cross 25th street, which is a great improvement to our People Trail System. Although the bridge has been in place since September 2017, there was an unanticipated delay in installing the handrails, which caused its opening to be moved to 2018. Stay tuned for more information about the date of the post-opening ribbon cutting. Read this recent article in the Republic for more details about the project.

The bridge is an important connector to the People Trails and will make a huge difference to those commuting across 25th Street from the neighborhoods north of the intersection of 31 and 25th St. At Healthy Communities, we want to make the healthy choice the easy choice, and this bridge accomplishes that by making it easier and safer for people to walk and bike. For me, as a mother of two - who often pulls a trailer and/or rides with a 5 year-old newly off of training wheels, this opens up a new section of trail for my family to ride on. I'm excited to take advantage of this wonderful addition to our People Trails!

Two children hold hands while crossing the Newbern bridge pedestrian crossing.

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