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Why I walk: exercise and socializing

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Sometimes having a walking partner is just the motivation you need to allow you to be more active. Ellen Spivey (pictured with her son Ethan), a stay-at-home mother, is the lead for a walking group called Stroll Patrol. While Ellen enjoys walking on her own to get exercise, fresh air and catch up on podcasts, she joined Stroll Patrol to get out of the house and socialize with other moms. She later took over as the group lead.

Stroll Patrol (pictured below, with Ellen on the right) is a group organized through the MOMS Club of Columbus, Indiana, a support group for mothers (and fathers can join as associate members), and meets twice a month for a walk with children / babies in strollers or carriers. The Stroll Patrol group, which typically consists of 3-8 moms with their kids, walks in local parks in the warmer months but moves indoors to FairOaks Mall in the winter and on rainy days. They officially meet every two weeks, but some months Ellen sets up other outings just to have some company. 

Ellen says the group stays motivated to walk because they all enjoy each other’s company and being outside. She adds that "figuring out how to get a workout in with a clingy child has been tricky for me and probably other moms" but she feels lucky that her 1 year-old son is happy to ride in the stroller or sit in the carrier for an hour or so.

Ellen tries to walk whenever it’s nice out and her schedule allows. She will occasionally walk on a treadmill or at the mall, but prefers to be outside. Ellen wears a pedometer to track steps and this spring wants to beat her record of 18 consecutive days of 10,000+ steps.

Studies have shown that walking outside in a group can have great benefits for the body and mind. What motivates you to walk? Would you join a walking group to help you stay motivated?  Do you have a walking group or another exercise group that you’d like to share on our blog? Contact us at info@gohealthycolumbus.com.

Please contact MOMS Club of Columbus, Indiana for more information about Stroll Patrol and/or the Club in general.

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