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Coasters promote cycling in Columbus

Bicycle themed drink coasters are being distributed around Columbus in order to promote cycling to a wider audience. These brightly colored coasters, designed by Brooke Hawkins as part of a partnership between Healthy Communities and Columbus Bike Co-op, present cycling as a fun and healthy activity.

This project seeks to inspire people to get on their bikes, rather than focusing on the safety aspects of cycling or being prescriptive about what to do (or not to do). Distributed at numerous restaurants and bars around Columbus, including many family-friendly establishments, it's hoped that these coasters may reach people that may not normally see bike-related messaging.

Designed by Brooke Hawkins, a Columbus native graphic design artist, the coasters are imaginative and fun, with a clean, eye-catching design and an important message. Riding your bike can put a smile on your face, recharge you and help you go places. Released just after Bike Month (May), when various organizations and community members lead numerous bike-related activities and events, this project will serve as a reminder to continue biking even after Bike Month is over.

The Columbus Bike Co-op co-sponsored the project, in the hope of raising awareness about their organization. Many people in our community don't know that Columbus has a community bike garage where you can use their workshop and tools, purchase used bikes, learn to work on your bike, and earn a bike by volunteering. They hope that this project will allow more people to learn about the Columbus Bike Co-op and what it does, and to eventually help more people access bikes for recreation and transportation and bike repair services.

Have fun finding them all!

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