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Why we walk: Time with family & neighbors

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Walking is the perfect way to start and end each school day for the Fitzsimmons family, who walk to their local school each morning from their nearby home. They live a few streets away from the school where two of their four children attend, and all four kids walk or ride in the stroller there and back with their mother, Lindsay. Walking to school is a neighborhood affair, as many neighbors (and even neighbors' dogs) often join them. Lindsay sees their morning and afternoon walks as "a nice uninterrupted time with my kids where we can talk about their upcoming day or how their day went at school". She adds "We get to experience the changes of the seasons and spend time with our neighbors before and after school".

The Fitzsimmons family, pictured on their walk to school. Mom Lindsay and two older children walk, while the two younger children ride in the stroller.
The Fitzsimmons family on their walk to school

The family didn't choose their home for its proximity to the local elementary school, but they do love walking as a perk of living near school. The family walks to school even in the rain and on cold days, although they sometimes end up in the car line when the weather gets really cold. They don't need much preparation for their walk - they simply bundle up if it's cold or put on their rain gear if it's wet.

A special bonus for the family has been the relationships they've developed with their Crossing Guards. They see them every day, and enjoy getting to know them throughout each year. They talk about each other's families, what they do over school breaks and even share gifts at the holidays.

Are you considering including walking as part of your child's trip to school? If so, Lindsay suggests that you just try it and see if it works for you. She notes that "it's a good way to meet other people from your neighborhood and from your kids' school".

A huge thanks to the Fitzsimmons family for being featured in the blog. We hope that their story inspires you to walk more! Contact us if you'd like to be featured in the Why We Walk / Why We Ride series.

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