Sidewalk Talk Episode 1 Rust Family

 by Healthy Communities | Columbus Regional Health

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Sidewalk Talk Episode 2 Arturo Family

 by Healthy Communities | Columbus Regional Health

Bike Lane Education - Columbus Indiana

 by Healthy Communities & CAMPO informs cyclists and motorists the correct way to use bike lanes.

Using the City Bus Bicycle Rack

by Healthy Communities & CAMPO shows how to take your bike with you on the ColumBUS city bus.

The Columbus Bicycle Co-op

The Columbus Bicycle Co-op is the only non-for profit community bike garage in Columbus, Indiana. Watch this video to learn more about how the Columbus Co-op provides space for community members to learn about, repair, maintain, and adopt bicycles.

Safety Srsly? Pedestrian, bike & car safety

With an increase of walkers and bicyclist, it's important to be aware of safety concerns for all forms of transportation. Watch this video on pedestrian, bike and car safety throughout the community